Who am I? And why should you care….?

Like everyone else, I have these things that roll around and around in my head (movies, politics, the great and the lesser unknown). I think of these as mental paper cuts or a psychic splinter; they nag at you, demand undeserved attention and yet somehow resolve themselves or fall off your radar with about as much warning as they did to their arrival. So the site name, mobius hamster wheel, you can get on but you can’t get off. All you can do is keep running. If I am truthful, I love these little monsters, unless they visit me while I am trying to fall asleep and then they are malicious demons. Hence, my desire to share them with you. “Misery loves company.”

I have always enjoyed writing. That is not to suggest I am uniquely skilled, I just like the process. For the last several decades, I have made an honest living writing about the finer points of desert adapted landscape trees (www.aridzonetrees.com), and their care and feeding. As we go forward there will certainly be some desert botany discussed along with books, politics, movies, current culture and photography; I love photography. Brace yourself, if the past is the best predictor of the future, there will be plenty of typos and evidence of shabby proofreading. You have been warned.

To answer the title question, come along for the ride. The first question will eventually answer itself. I will trust to you answer the second one for yourself.